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2016 Baker & McKenzie Global Data Breach Notification Guide

Posted in Cybersecurity
Global data breach notification requirements pose critical issues for legal departments, senior managers, and boards of companies in all industry sectors worldwide. The current environment creates a perfect storm with more data security threats, more vulnerabilities, and more data breach notification requirements. Baker & McKenzie provides this Global Data Breach Notification Guide as a resource… Continue Reading

Supreme Court rules on online anonymity – Potential impact on fraud investigations?

Posted in Cybersecurity
On June 13, 2014, the Supreme Court of Canada delivered the landmark decision of R. v. Spencer (“Spencer“).  In this decision, Mr. Justice Thomas Cromwell, writing for the Court, set out the ground rules for police to obtain subscriber information from Internet Service Providers (“ISPs”). In doing so, the Court effectively put an end to the… Continue Reading

Provincial securities regulator seeks expanded powers to combat fraud and insider trading

Posted in Cybersecurity
The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has begun discussions with legislators and law enforcement agencies in an effort to expand its powers to include wiretapping rights with respect to parties under investigation. As the country’s largest and most influential securities regulator, the OSC’s policies and decisions impact the majority of brokerages, mutual funds, and pension funds in the… Continue Reading

Cyber crime is a growing threat

Posted in Cybersecurity, Fraud Prevention
  As part of Fraud Prevention Month, the RCMP is rolling out tip sheets to help Canadians protect themselves against an ever-growing number of scams and frauds including a list of “Top 10 Cyber Crime Prevention Tips”.  Many of these tip sheets highlight the role of technology in fraudulent schemes and the importance of ensuring… Continue Reading

Anti-fraud monitoring: The employer’s right of surveillance

Posted in Cybersecurity, Employment Related Fraud
Employee surveillance is an excellent and available method by which companies can protect against fraud.  Monitoring of company-supplied hardware, software and access is perfectly legal and arguably compelling in Canada.  Many still act under the mistaken belief that when it comes to personal communications such as e-mail and social media forums such as Facebook and… Continue Reading

Cybersecurity threats

Posted in Cybersecurity
Cybersecurity threats are evolving with ever-increasing levels of sophistication.  In the wake of a series of high profile data breaches, US President Obama recently commented that the nation’s “economic prosperity in the 21st Century will depend on cyber security”.  Without question, cybersecurity is now a global problem facing an array of companies, firms, organizations and… Continue Reading